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mobile apps, and CRM systems.

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COVOis a company engaged in the creation of websites, e-commerce, mobile applications and in Web Design, ensuring the specific needs of customers and companies operating in different parts of the world, for over 6 years.

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Website creation / CRM

Our services include everything around websites, in short, any website that works great and looks great.

E-shop creation

We create e-commerce sites tailored to your needs, using proven open source methods, or we create them from scratch.

Creating a mobile application

We have been developing mobile applications for a long time. We focus mainly on affordable mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Selected projects

Below are some of our latest projects. To see all projects, go to projects page.

This is what we do every day, this is what we can offer.

UI/UX Design

We design user interfaces for systems, backends and applications.

HTML, CSS Coding

We will prepare a template, we will code from your Design file. We will fix your broken website, we will solve the responsive part of the website.


React, Vue, Next, Nuxt, jQuery are no strangers to us. We develop Single Page applications every day, they are unbeatable in terms of speed.

PHP and its Frameworks

We create administrative interfaces, backend parts, micro applications built on PHP frameworks, especially Laravel.


We will design an optimized and logical relational database model exactly for your project.

WordPress and WooCommerce

We develop and implement templates, modules, plugins and scripts. We develop both frontend and backend.


We will connect the application to Mailchimp applications for sending newsletters and promotional offers.

Google Scripts

We simplify and automate your work with Online Excel Tables using programming and connecting to third-party services.

Web Scraping

We can extract accessible data from all websites into tables, databases.

XML Feeds

We will create valid XML Feeds in your system, e.g. for: Mall, Seznam, Google, Heureka.

Chrome Extension

Using scripts, we will create an extension for your Chrome browser that will facilitate your everyday stereotypical activities.

...and so on

The services we can provide are countless, here we have listed the most requested ones.

We work from any part of the world, for companies from all over the world.


What our customers say about us.

  • COVO has proven to be reliable and efficient. They are well versed in their respective technologies and strive to maintain quality partnerships and deliver a job well done on time.

    Giuseppe De mojà


  • Exciting experience working with this amazing innovative team. They always listen and understand your needs. They see your vision before you even have an idea of what you really want. I would recommend them again and again.

    Daniel Gazzola

    Cell Dynamics

  • The COVO team went above and beyond in their quality, communication, management and client service. From the initial contact with a potential project inquiry to the delivery of the final product, they were professional, reliable, efficient and transparent.

    Stefano Onofri


  • I've been working with COVO for 3 months now and it's great. The communication aspect is what they really excel at, I've never reached out to the team and wondered why they don't reply for so long. They respond quickly and pass on all important information.

    Andrea Calderini


    Thank you

For more than 6 years we've been creating unique websites, e-commerce sites and apps

We provide world-class websites, blogs, e-commerce sites and other web applications to small and large businesses around the world.

All thanks to our experienced team of amazing developers, designers and testers. We manage to maintain long-term partnerships and great relationships.


Is COVO an agency?Collapse

No, we are not an agency, we are just a group of developers, where everyone works independently. However, in the case of a larger project, we join together and work as one team. So financially, you pay significantly less with us than with an agency.

Will you provide a design for me?Collapse

Of course, a unique and unfussy design is the basic building block.

Can you create a custom e-commerce website?Collapse

We can easily handle an e-commerce web that exactly fits your requirements, but we can also deliver a more economical e-commerce web using templates that are available on the market.

How much will it cost me?Collapse

You can find the approximate price in the price list subpage, and as it is usually written, the actual price is directly proportional to the complexity of the project.

Will you also do marketing for me?Collapse

We will connect you with the best in the industry !

Let's talk about your next project 😎

Leave us your phone number and we'll call you within a few minutes *

Applies to leads sent before 6:00 p.m., contacts after 6:00 p.m. will be handled the next working day.

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