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March 2021-March 2022

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Custom CRM & Chrome Extension


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Josef P.

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Chrome Extension

It was originally a creation of the Chrome Extension for Scrapping Data from the Real Estate Cadastre, but over time we got to create a whole CRM system for storing data from the Cadastre.

The application can: save data from the Real Estate Cadastre, display properties on the map, filter between saved properties, bulk import of properties, bulk editing and deleting, bulk printing of property information. Saving is limited by the number of records (points) that can be purchased through the payment gateway.

CRM and API are created using Laravel and Chrome Extension only using vanilla JS

Image 0

List of saved Properties

Image 1

Image 2

Saving the Property

Image 3

Katastr CRM Chrome Extension

Scraping chrome extension that save's buildings/parcels data from Czech Database in Katastr CRM

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